A New Life

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Recorded on Sunday, September 1st, 2019, Pastor Ed Craft of Christ Fellowship in Ringgold, GA teaches on John chapter 3. Being born anew is the beginning of a whole new life.

"Is it hard to be saved?," asks Pastor Craft, "Is it really difficult? No, it isn't difficult for the Lord to do his part in this-- at all. Neither is he a fool. He doesn't play the games that we play. It's more like, 'When you get to the place that you mean it, so will I-- and I'll meet you there.' "

We must come to the place where we need what the Lord offers. According to Pastor Craft, there are two requirements to start a relationship with Christ.

The first is already done for us: being born. We are required to be physically alive.

The second requirement is to be spiritually alive, to be "Born of the Holy Spirit."

"Contrary to popular teaching," says Pastor Craft, "To come to a place of being born of the Spirit is to realize you didn't have anything to do with the first birth and you don't have much to do with the second birth."

The second birth means becoming spiritually alive. It must be a personal decision. It's choosing for yourself that you cannot make it without God's help.

"There must be a spiritual moving in your life," says Pastor Craft, "You are no longer gonna be the same idiot that you were when you walked in. You might still be an idiot, but you'll walk out with God moving in your life. This makes all the difference."