Abiding in Christ

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Pastor Ed Craft taught this message on February 3rd, 2019 at Christ Fellowship Church in Ringgold, GA. Last week Pastor Craft taught on Luke chapter 4. He continues to teach on the early ministry of Jesus with Luke chapter 5.

Luke chapter 5 talks about Peter and the calling on his life. Jesus calls Peter to a life of serving the Lord, but Peter doesn't want to do it. It is only through a miracle of a catch of fish, almost sinking the boat when Peter begins to open his life up to what Jesus plans for his life. Before the miraculous harvest, Peter had been running from God.

Peter is the typical man who shows no fear on the outside but inwardly is afraid of things that cannot be handled. It isn't easy to be ego driven. He was ignoring Jesus until he asked to get in the boat. Peter had given up on fishing and was cleaning his nets because he was convinced there were no fish left in the lake. He was fishing all night long and caught nothing.

Jesus wanted something to happen to Peter. He could have said no to Jesus, just like we can always say no to God's will. He can still say, "Put your nets out," and we can still say yes.

It is possible that you too have been ignoring what God wants in your life.

Even adult people can get to saying they want what Jesus wants in their life, to say "I'm ready."

Peter wasn't ready.

He was functioning in fear, having no faith, until Jesus says: "Do not fear."

Had Jesus not been allowed to climb aboard the boat, there would never have been a miracle. Submission must come first, bending the knee, saying "I'm a sinner. Whatever you need me to do, I'll do it." Then comes, "I will live."

Peter moves from working for himself to living for Christ and serving him.